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Singapore Guitar Show 3 – 4 December.

The SGS is in its second year and this year I’ll be attending. I’ll have 2 guitars on show.

14 fret Vintage

Indian Rosewood and a beautiful high figured bearclaw spruce top with figured blackwood binding make this guitar a real gem. The Vintage has always been a 12 fretter until now, and I have wanted to build a 14 fret to the body version for some time, so the festival seemed like a good opportunity. The result is very pleasing - if this guitar is not sold at the festival it will be coming back to Australia and will be available. Later in the year I’ll be building more.


High figure Tasmanian blackwood back and sides, Adirondack spruce top and ebony binding. This guitar features a spalted maple rosette, as does the Vintage, and is gorgeous.

Both guitars have ebony fretboards and bridges, Gotoh 510 machine heads and come with a Hiscox case.


Rogitar MK 2

Glenn Rogers picked up his 27 string guitars last February and has ordered a second! This, (to quote Glenn) will be the formula 1 version. It will have greater volume and a different configuration of harp strings. It will feature high figure Cocobolo back and sides, a carbon fibre lattice braced top (borrowing from Greg Smallman), and will retain the 12 internal sympathetics which gave the original Rogitar its sitar quality. The diagonal harp strings will now run parallel to the six main strings and be strung in a descending order. Since Glenn took possession of he first guitar it’s been a real musical adventure discovering its capabilities – and limitations. Hopefully second time round we can exploit further this new instrument. It has seen several outings in concert situations and Glenn will be doing his Masters in Composition based on the Rogitar later next year at Edith Cowan University in Perth.

Talisman with Florentine Cutaway

For some time I’ve have a set of Flamed Myrtle. It now makes up the back and sides of this Talisman cutaway, with a master spruce top, spalted maple rosette and ebony binding. At the time of writing (late November) it’s not yet finished but will appear on the site late January. The myrtle, with its earthy tones, along with the spalted rosette make for a very understated beauty.


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